Consensus statement on surgery journal authorship*—2006
Early antithrombotic therapy after aortic valve replacement with tissue valves
Protecting the central nervous system during ischemia
Notice of Retraction
Optimal management of patients with non–small cell lung cancer with ipsilateral mediastinal lymph node metastases
Restaging patients with N2 (stage IIIa) non–small cell lung cancer after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy
Is surgery for multiple lung metastases reasonable? A total of 328 consecutive patients with multiple-laser metastasectomies with a new 1318-nm Nd
Internal validation of risk models in lung resection surgery
Pulmonary resection for metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma
Anterior surgical approaches to the thoracic outlet
On-pump versus off-pump coronary surgery outcomes in patients requiring dialysis
Performance of bioprostheses and mechanical prostheses assessed by composites of valve-related complications to 15 years after aortic valve replacement
Prevalence, characteristics, and predictors of chronic nonanginal postoperative pain after a cardiac operation
Effects of on-pump versus off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery on right ventricular function
Contemporary techniques and safety of cardiovascular procedures in the surgical management of renal cell carcinoma with tumor thrombus
Early postoperative arrhythmias after pediatric cardiac surgery
Bicuspid aortic valve and ascending aortic aneurysm are not associated with germline or somatic homeobox NKX2-5 gene polymorphism in 19 patients
A method for chest drainage after pediatric cardiac surgery
Cell replacement therapy
Platelet function monitoring with the Sonoclot analyzer after in vitro tirofiban and heparin administration
Prevention of device-related tissue damage during percutaneous deployment of tissue-engineered heart valves
Erythropoietin protects the central nervous system during prolonged hypothermic circulatory arrest
Plasma cefazolin levels during cardiovascular surgery
Modeling of temperature mapping for quantitative dynamic infrared coronary angiography for intraoperative graft patency control
Hemodynamic effects of cardiotomy suction blood
Relationship between white cell count, neuropsychologic outcome, and microemboli in 161 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery
Relationship between atrial histopathology and atrial fibrillation after coronary bypass surgery
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in patients receiving mechanical circulatory support
Intra-aortic balloon pumping in children undergoing cardiac surgery
Historical perspectives of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery
Subclavian artery angioplasty allows for implantation of the in situ internal thoracic artery graft in patients scheduled for surgical myocardial revascularization
Mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis presenting as superior vena cava syndrome
Platelet inhibition by aspirin after aortic valve replacement
Sinus node structural changes in patients with long-standing chronic atrial fibrillation
Rapidly progressive coronary ostial stenosis after aortic valve replacement in relapsing polychondritis
Rapidly expanding right coronary artery aneurysm
Carotid artery cannulation in acute aortic dissection with malperfusion
Mitral valve insufficiency and left ventricular remodeling in identical twins
A fibrous membrane causing left ventricular outflow tract stenosis as the result of endocarditis
Late air embolism with interventional removal after isolated coronary artery bypass grafting
Inferior vena cava and coronary sinus obstruction after percutaneous atrial septal defect device closure requiring surgical revision
Successful implantation of a Berlin heart biventricular assist device in a failing single ventricle
Surgical and endovascular treatment of secondary aortoesophageal fistula
Surgical treatment of pulmonary artery sarcoma
Giant thymolipoma in association with a high production of carbohydrate antigen 19-9 and an increased acetylcholine antibody titer
Single-stage repair of a large acquired tracheoesophageal fistula with interposition of 2 muscle pedicle flaps and laparoscopic gastrojejunostomy
Fatal fistula between the trachea and the brachiocephalic artery
Despite cardiac denervation, atrial natriuretic peptides possess a cardiac sympathoinhibitory effect after heart transplantation
Tubular heart valves
Effectively treating ischemic mitral regurgitation with chordal cuttling in combination with ring annuloplasty and a left ventricular reshaping approach
Effectively treating ischemic mitral regurgitation with chordal cuttling in combination with ring annuloplasty and a left ventricular reshaping approach
Residual strain in the aorta
Residual strain in the aorta
Correlation of autologous skeletal myoblast survival with changes in left ventricular remodeling in dilated ischemic heart failure
Intercostal muscle flap without increase of pain and blood loss after lung surgery
Intercostal muscle flap without increase of pain and blood loss after lung surgery
Extending video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for trauma
Extending video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for trauma
Anticoagulation after bioprosthetic aortic valve replacement
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