Update on the cardiovascular and thoracic service-line concept
Recognition of greatness
The post–myocardial infarction scarred ventricle and congestive heart failure
Five-year neurocognitive and health outcomes after the neonatal arterial switch operation
A prospective observational study of human factors, adverse events, and patient outcomes in surgery for pediatric cardiac disease
Borderline hypoplasia of the left ventricle in neonates
Coronary blood supply of the inferior wall of the right ventricle in hearts with Ebstein malformation
Reconstituted fresh whole blood improves clinical outcomes compared with stored component blood therapy for neonates undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery
The myocardial protective effects of a moderate-potassium adenosine–lidocaine cardioplegia in pediatric cardiac surgery
Formation of anti–platelet factor 4/heparin antibodies after cardiac surgery
Randomized controlled trial of a special acupuncture technique for pain after thoracotomy
Acupuncture to relieve the pain of thoracotomy
Primary chest wall lymphoma with no history of tuberculous pyothorax
Transverse sternal plating in secondary sternal reconstruction
Stage III thymoma
Improvement in coronary anastomosis with cardiac surgery simulation
Evaluation of a novel atrial retractor for exposure of the mitral valve in a porcine model
Feasibility of a three-axis epicardial accelerometer in detecting myocardial ischemia in cardiac surgical patients
Mitral valve repair for advanced myxomatous degeneration with posterior displacement of the mitral annulus
Effect of preoperative statins in patients without coronary artery disease who undergo cardiac surgery
Use of quantitative analysis of remote myocardial fibrosis with delayed-enhancement magnetic resonance imaging to predict outcomes after surgical ventricular restoration for ischemic cardiomyopathy
Comparative study of single-dose and 24-hour multiple-dose antibiotic prophylaxis for cardiac surgery
The sinus of Valsalva relieves abnormal stress on aortic valve leaflets by facilitating smooth closure
Does aortic crossclamping during the cooling phase affect the early clinical outcome of acute type A aortic dissection?
Effect of rosuvastatin pretreatment on myocardial damage after coronary surgery
Congestive heart failure complicating aortic regurgitation with medical and surgical management
Endovascular treatment for acute traumatic transection of the descending aorta
Reoperative minimal access aortic valve surgery
Airway stenoses after lung transplantation
Blockade of receptor for advanced glycation end product attenuates pulmonary reperfusion injury in mice
A Rho-kinase inhibitor improves cardiac function after 24-hour heart preservation
The unmasking of a Brugada phenotype after pulmonary resection
A word of caution regarding patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and a diminutive aorta
Artificial chordae
Reversed L-shaped deformity of the anterior mitral leaflet and its reparative technique
Noninvasive assessment of cardiac function during ventricular assist system support using 64-row multidetector computed tomographic angiography
Bicuspid aortopathy or bicuspid aortopathies? The risk in generalizing
Bicuspid aortopathy or bicuspid aortopathies? The risk in generalizing
Computed tomography and endoscopic ultrasound in detection and characterization of mediastinal masses
Computed tomography and endoscopic ultrasound in detection and characterization of mediastinal masses
Surgeons' informed consent
Surgeons' informed consent
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