Historical perspectives of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery: Robert Edward Gross (1905–1988)
Less invasive surgical treatment for aortic arch aneurysms in high-risk patients: A comparative study of hybrid thoracic endovascular aortic repair and conventional total arch replacement
Simplified perfusion strategy for removing retroperitoneal tumors with extensive cavoatrial involvement
A phase 2 prospective, randomized, double-blind trial comparing the effects of tranexamic acid with ecallantide on blood loss from high-risk cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass (CONSERV-2 Trial)
Coronary perfusion: Impact of flow dynamics and geometric design of 2 different aortic prostheses of similar size
Beneficial effects of the CorCap cardiac support device: Five-year results from the Acorn Trial
Tricuspid valve surgery: The past 10 years from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) database
Increased risk of dehiscence after tricuspid valve repair with rigid annuloplasty rings
Multivessel beating heart robotic myocardial revascularization increases morbidity and mortality
Fifteen-year experience with minimally invasive approach for reoperations involving the mitral valve
Differential effects of aprotinin and tranexamic acid on outcomes and cytokine profiles in neonates undergoing cardiac surgery
The improvement of hypoxia correlates with neuroanatomic and developmental outcomes: Comparison of midterm outcomes in infants with transposition of the great arteries or single-ventricle physiology
Hepatic blood flow distribution and performance in conventional and novel Y-graft Fontan geometries: A case series computational fluid dynamics study
Coarctectomy combined with an interdigitating arch reconstruction results in a lower incidence of recurrent arch obstruction after the Norwood procedure than coarctectomy alone
Long-term importance of right ventricular outflow tract patch function in patients with pulmonary regurgitation
Visualization of flow structures in Fontan patients using 3-dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging
Changes in left atrioventricular valve geometry after surgical repair of complete atrioventricular canal
The use of a tailored surgical technique for minimally invasive esophagectomy
Evolving progress in oncologic and operative outcomes for esophageal and junctional cancer: Lessons from the experience of a high-volume center
Operative techniques in robotic thoracic surgery for inferior or posterior mediastinal pathology
Thoracic empyema in patients with liver cirrhosis: Clinical characteristics and outcome analysis of thoracoscopic management
Nanocoating with titanium reduces iC3b- and granulocyte-activating immune response against glutaraldehyde-fixed bovine pericardium: A new technique to improve biologic heart valve prosthesis durability?
Clinical implications and molecular mechanisms of immunoparalysis after cardiopulmonary bypass
The nondepolarizing, normokalemic cardioplegia formulation adenosine-lidocaine (adenocaine) exerts anti-neutrophil effects by synergistic actions of its components
Creating an ideal “off-test mode” for rotary left ventricular assist devices: Establishing a safe and appropriate weaning protocol after myocardial recovery
Outcomes after transplantation for “failed” Fontan: A single-institution experience
Benefits of ambulatory axillary intra-aortic balloon pump for circulatory support as bridge to heart transplant
Intraoperative use of recombinant activated factor VII during complex aortic surgery
Selective cerebral perfusion for thoracic aortic surgery: Association with neurocognitive outcome
Recognition of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia and initiation of argatroban therapy after cardiothoracic surgery in the intensive care unit
Titanium plates for primary closure of complete sternal cleft in an adult: Five-year follow-up
Adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and gastrointestinal bleeding from small bowel arteriovenous malformations: A novel treatment using spiral enteroscopy
Middle and posterior cardiac veins: An underused option for ventricular pacing
Early experience with the transaortic approach for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Carotid artery and jugular vein cannulation in aortic redo surgery
Quantitative assessment of right ventricular function in pectus excavatum
A new echocardiographic window to visualize the mitral valve complex during mitral valve repair for functional mitral regurgitation
Open versus endovascular repair for acute traumatic thoracic aortic rupture
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Does anastomosis device or epiaortic ultrasonography reduce the risk of postoperative stroke after coronary artery bypass grafting?
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Simulation of thoracoscopic surgery using 3-dimensional tailor-made virtual lung
Re: Simplified perfusion strategy for removing retroperitoneal tumors with extensive cavoatrial involvement
Guiding the molecular diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
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