Historical perspectives of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery: Richard Hardaway Meade, Jr (1897-1993)
Are stem cells the next frontier for hypoplastic left heart syndrome? What are the promise, the reality, and the future?
The real root-cause analysis: Optimizing surgical options in the current era
One-year clinical and angiographic results of hybrid myocardial revascularization: Still a long way to go
Readmissions and the law of unintended consequences
Is limiting transfusion safe? The devil is in the details
Stem cell therapy for heart failure: Out with the new and in with the old?
Gamification in thoracic surgery education: A slam dunk?
Is the air in Toronto, Rochester, and Cleveland different from that in London, Monaco, Leiden, Genk, Milan, and New York?
When is tricuspid valve annuloplasty necessary during mitral valve surgery?
Expert opinion is often hot air: It is not the air; it is the clinical evidence
In case you missed it: Highlights of the Congenital Cardiac Sessions at The American Association for Thoracic Surgery 95th Annual Meeting of 2015
Gamification in thoracic surgical education: Using competition to fuel performance
Gamification: Fuelish or foolish?
Influence of experience and the surgical learning curve on long-term patient outcomes in cardiac surgery
Postgraduate experiential learning is essential for surgical maturation
Simple repair approach for mitral regurgitation in Barlow disease
Barlow disease: Simple and complex
Assessment of mitral annuloplasty ring by cardiac computed tomography: Correlation with echocardiographic parameters and comparison between two different ring types
Functional mitral stenosis after mitral valve repair is a true anatomic problem that originates from the time of surgery
The influence of a percutaneous mitral repair program on surgical mitral valve volume
The influence of percutaneous mitral repair programs on mitral surgery volume: What should we expect and what can we do?
Early surgical intervention versus watchful waiting and outcomes for asymptomatic severe aortic regurgitation
Gospel of the guidelines
Device success and 30-day clinical outcome in patients undergoing preimplant valvuloplasty in transfemoral versus omitting valvuloplasty in transapical transcatheter aortic valve replacement
Preimplantation valvuloplasty in transcatheter aortic valve replacement: To BAV or not to BAV?
Contemporary outcomes of surgery for aortic root aneurysms: A propensity-matched comparison of valve-sparing and composite valve graft replacement
Contemporary outcomes of surgery for aortic root aneurysms: A propensity-matched comparison of valve-sparing and composite valve graft replacement
European multicenter experience with valve-sparing reoperations after the Ross procedure
Valve-sparing root replacement for failed pulmonary autografts: Should a David repair a Ross?
Implications from neurologic assessment of brain protection for total arch replacement from a randomized trial
Which do you want first: The good news or the good news?
Prophylactic stage 1 elephant trunk for moderately dilated descending aorta in patients with predominantly proximal disease
Aesop's fables, the ant, the grasshopper, and prophylactic first-stage elephant trunk for moderately dilated descending aorta in patients with predominately proximal disease
Stented elephant trunk procedure with left subclavian artery transposition for acute type B dissection with distal arch involvement
A complex procedure in the thoracic endovascular aortic repair era needs long-term follow-up to compete
Late outcomes after the Cox maze IV procedure for atrial fibrillation
Surgical ablation is effective: But surgeons need to do better
One-year clinical and angiographic results of hybrid coronary revascularization
Comparison of perfusion and thickening between vein and right internal thoracic artery composite grafts from a randomized trial substudy
Y vein? Y not? The underdog of the composite arterial world
Transcoronary infusion of cardiac progenitor cells in hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Three-year follow-up of the Transcoronary Infusion of Cardiac Progenitor Cells in Patients With Single-Ventricle Physiology (TICAP) trial
Stem cells on a new stage: Treatment of hypoplastic left heart syndrome
The long-term impact of various techniques for tricuspid repair in Ebstein's anomaly
Caution: There is no “all or none” with Ebstein anomaly
Surgical management of competing pulmonary blood flow affects survival before Fontan/Kreutzer completion in patients with tricuspid atresia type I
It's not “just a shunt” but sometimes it should be…
Altered left ventricular vortex ring formation by 4-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging after repair of atrioventricular septal defects
Surgery meets fluid dynamics: Into the vortex
Randomized trial of digital versus analog pleural drainage in patients with or without a pulmonary air leak after lung resection
The devil is in the details: Managing chest drains and interpreting negative randomized trial data
Readmission predicts 90-day mortality after esophagectomy: Analysis of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Registry linked to Medicare outcomes
Microsurgical reconstruction of combined tracheal and total esophageal defects
Who is your plastic surgeon? The importance of an experienced reconstructive surgical colleague
Injectable shear-thinning hydrogels used to deliver endothelial progenitor cells, enhance cell engraftment, and improve ischemic myocardium
Thankfully, back to basics
In situ constructive myocardial remodeling of extracellular matrix patch enhanced with controlled growth factor release
The clinical application potential of extracellular matrix in cardiac tissue engineering
Brahma-related gene 1 inhibits proliferation and migration of human aortic smooth muscle cells by directly up-regulating Ras-related associated with diabetes in the pathophysiologic processes of aortic dissection
Aortic dissection and DNA repair
Biomechanical drawbacks of different techniques of mitral neochordal implantation: When an apparently optimal repair can fail
Tugging on heart strings
A liberal strategy of red blood cell transfusion reduces cardiogenic shock in elderly patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Transfusion strategies in cardiac surgery: More pieces to the puzzle, more questions to be answered
Should asymptomatic patients discharged with lower hemoglobin expect worse outcomes after valve surgery?
Permissive anemia: How low should we go?
Effects of small platform catheter-based left ventricular assist device support on regional myocardial signal transduction
Building a better bridge: Remodeling, recovery, and a better understanding of the biologic foundation of mechanical circulatory support
Saving life and brain with extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A single-center analysis of in-hospital cardiac arrests
Use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in cardiac arrest: Developing a new frontier
Effect of pulmonary vascular resistance before left ventricular assist device implantation on short- and long-term post-transplant survival
Reversible but risky: Pulmonary hypertension in advanced heart failure is the Achilles' heel of cardiac transplantation
Stenting of ventricular septal defects to retrain the left ventricle in patients with transposition of the great arteries and restrictive ventricular septal defect
A new approach to retrain the deconditioned left ventricle in transposition of the great arteries
Tailored therapy for aggressive dilatation of systemic veins and arteries may result in improved long-term Fontan circulation
A fairy tale future for Fontans: Fact or fable?
Crane technique with the vacuum bell device for improving access in the Nuss procedure
Making the Nuss repair safer: Use of a vacuum bell device
Defining quality during ex vivo lung perfusion: The University of Maryland experience
Compliance trumps oxygenation: Predicting quality with ex vivo lung perfusion
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Repair of type III common arterial trunk with modified Barbero-Marcial technique
Reconstruction without extracardiac conduit revisited
Hemoptysis as a rare presentation of cor triatriatum sinister
Cor triatriatum sinister: Is it less sinister in older patients?
Metastasectomy in a lung graft using high-flow venovenous extracorporeal lung support in a patient after single lung transplantation
Placing technique before judgment?
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