Historical perspectives of The American Association for Thoracic Surgery: Thomas L. Spray
Teaching robotic surgery: Making progress
Bioprosthetic valve thrombosis: The harder one looks, the more one finds
The paravalvular regurgitation enigma
Aortic root replacement, the “gold” standard: All that shines is not gold!
Africa's jungle and the arch: Of elephants and CHIMPS
A mixed bag: Differential influences of oxygenation and perfusion on brain development in congenital heart disease
Prevention and management of sternal wound infections
Rules and tools: The impact of policy and consensus statements on sternal infection
Bioprosthetic valve thrombosis: What we know and what we need to know
Bioprosthetic valve thrombosis: Are we not seeing the wood for the trees?
Bioprosthetic valve thrombosis following surgical aortic valve replacement: Did we all miss it?
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: New approaches and a time to reappraise older approaches
Treating obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy—what's best, what's next?
Robotic lobectomy can be taught while maintaining quality patient outcomes
Deconstructing robotic lobectomy
Transareolar pulmonary bullectomy for primary spontaneous pneumothorax
Another innovation in surgery for primary spontaneous pneumothorax (for men only)
A modified technique of laryngotracheal reconstruction without the need for prolonged postoperative stenting
Adults are big children
Management of small aortic annulus in the era of sutureless valves: A comparative study among different biological options
Every millimeter counts
A comparison of minimally invasive and standard aortic valve replacement
To be followed … A comparison of minimally invasive and standard aortic valve replacement
Composite valve graft implantation for the treatment of aortic valve and root disease: Results in 1045 patients
Composite graft aortic root reconstruction: Reproducible, durable, and uncomplicated
Outcomes after aortic graft-to-graft anastomosis with an automated circular stapler: A novel approach
Stapled aortic graft-to-graft anastomoses: Is automation optimization?
Disruption of desmin-mitochondrial architecture in patients with regurgitant mitral valves and preserved ventricular function
Left ventricular dysfunction after degenerative mitral valve repair: A question of better molecular targets or better surgical timing?
A randomized, prospective pilot comparison of 3 atrial appendage elimination techniques: Internal ligation, stapled excision, and surgical excision
The left atrial appendage: Won't get fooled again
Right internal thoracic artery versus radial artery as the second best arterial conduit: Insights from a meta-analysis of propensity-matched data on long-term survival
The 3 R's: The radial artery, the right internal thoracic artery, and the race for the second best
Cerebral oxygen delivery is reduced in newborns with congenital heart disease
Survival status and functional outcome of children who required prolonged intensive care after cardiac surgery
Can we prevent poor outcomes for children who require long intensive care stays or early reoperations?
Impact of standardization of antimicrobial prophylaxis duration in pediatric cardiac surgery
Stimulus for change: Result of standardization of antimicrobial prophylaxis duration in pediatric cardiac surgery
Outcomes of surgical repair of pediatric coronary artery fistulas
A large international single-center case-series of coronary artery fistulas in children: When high clinical research standards adopted globally create exciting opportunities for the future
Outcomes of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for refractory cardiac arrest in adult cardiac surgery patients
Salvaging patients with extracorporeal life support resuscitation
Effect of diastolic dysfunction on postoperative outcomes after cardiovascular surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Using the forest (plots) to see the trees
Performance of allogeneic bioengineered replacement pulmonary valves in rapidly growing young lambs
Making progress toward a tissue engineered heart valve
Trileaflet aortic valve reconstruction with a decellularized pericardial patch in a sheep model
Biomaterials for heart valve replacement: Conjectures and refutations
Salusin-β contributes to vascular inflammation associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension in rats
Increased understanding leads to increased complexity: Molecular mechanisms of pulmonary arterial hypertension
Chimney and sandwich stent grafts for hybrid repair of type A dissection late after a Bentall for Marfan syndrome
Where there's smoke, there's fire: Chimney stent grafts for hybrid repair of the aortic arch
Chimneys and sandwiches for endovascular arch repair in patients with Marfan syndrome: Are we snorkeling in cloudy waters?
Late durability of decellularized allografts for aortic valve replacement: A word of caution
Do we really understand what happens to valve allografts?
A proposal for prospective late outcome analysis of decellularized aortic valves
Outcome benefits after coronary artery bypass graft in low- versus high-volume centers: Is it all about the surgery?
Peri- and postoperative care after coronary artery bypass grafting in low versus high volume centers
Second stage of hybrid pathway: Have we reached a conclusion?
Hybrid palliation and pulmonary artery architecture
Heart Valve Summit: Medical, Surgical, & Interventional Decision Making
Registration and Housing Open: AATS Clinical Trials Methods Course 2016
AATS Focus on Thoracic Surgery: Current and Future Challenges
International Coronary Congress
AATS Week 2017
Graham Foundation News
The WTSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Review
Applications for Membership
WTSA 43rd Annual Meeting
ABTS Announcement
ABTS Requirements for the 10-Year Milestone for Maintenance of Certification
Recent Papers in the Seminars and Op Techs
Resection of a posterior mediastinal mass: Lessons learned from a failed exploration for presumed schwannoma
A posterior mediastinal mass is not always what it seems
Impending cardiac herniation following robotic mitral valve repair: A case report and review of the literature
Don't miss the obvious: The dangers of lateral pericardial defects
Operative repair of iatrogenic innominate artery to left innominate vein arteriovenous fistula after pacemaker laser lead extraction
Nonfunctional pacemaker leads: To remove or not to remove, that is the multifactorial question
Complete resection of intracardiac leiomyomatosis through an abdominal approach under peripheral cardiopulmonary bypass
Case reporter's notebook: The who, what, when, where, how, and why of extraction of a benign intracaval tumor
Open surgical repair of multiple tuberculous mycotic aneurysms of the thoracoabdominal aorta
Tuberculous aneurysm of the aorta: Rare but treatable