Pulmonary Manifestations of Cryptococcosis in Patients with AIDS: CT Features

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SummaryThe computed tomographic (CT) scans and chest radiographs of 10 patients with AIDS and proven pulmonary cryptococcal infections were reviewed. In seven patients (70%), CT demonstrated pulmonary opacities that ranged in appearance from a perihilar interstitial pattern to an area of dense alveolar consolidation. Corresponding chest radiographs were less accurate in detecting interstitial opacities (2 of 5 patients, 40%) than the alveolar opacities (4 of 5 patients, 80%). Pulmonary nodules were identified in three patients (30%) by CT but were identifiable on the chest radiograph in only one patient (10%). The chest radiograph suggested hilar adenopathy in three patients although CT confirmed hilar adenopathy in only one patient. In one patient, a small pleural effusion, not appreciated on the chest radiograph, was detected by CT. CT may add additional information in the diagnosis of pulmonary Cryptococcus neoformans.

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