Telomeres and Telomerase in Lung Cancer
Inhibition of Hsp90 Leads to Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Human Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
An Alternative Method for Screening EGFR Mutation Using RFLP in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Intron-1 Polymorphism Predicts Gefitinib Outcome in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Clinical Efficacy and Predictive Molecular Markers of Neoadjuvant Gemcitabine and Pemetrexed in Resectable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Circulating Serum Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor is Not a Prognostic Factor of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Significance of Smoking as a Postoperative Prognostic Factor in Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Should Patient-Rated Performance Status Affect Treatment Decisions in Advanced Lung Cancer?
Symptom Assessment in Relapsed Small Cell Lung Cancer: Cross-Validation of the Patient Symptom Assessment in Lung Cancer Instrument
Impact of Information on Quality of Life and Satisfaction of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients: A Randomized Study of Standardized versus Individualized Information before Thoracic Surgery
A Phase II Study of Oxaliplatin, Pemetrexed, and Bevacizumab in Previously Treated Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Phase II Randomized Study of Dose-Dense Docetaxel and Cisplatin Every 2 Weeks With Pegfilgrastim and Darbepoetin Alfa With and Without the Chemoprotector BNP7787 in Patients With Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (CALGB 30303)
A Phase II Trial of Gefitinib Monotherapy in Chemotherapy-Naïve Patients of 75 Years or Older with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Palsy on Integrated Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography
Targeting Angiogenesis in the Treatment of Lung Cancer
Biphasic Pulmonary Blastoma with Germ Cell Differentiation in a 36-Year-Old Man
Pemetrexed-Induced Typhlitis in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
EUS-FNA of Enlarged Necrotic Lymph Nodes May Cause Infectious Mediastinitis
Proceedings of the IASLC International Workshop on Advances in Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Tumors 2007
Selection or Work-Up Bias: A Recurrent Caveat in Evaluation of New Diagnostic Modalities
Rapid Detection of Hotspot Mutations in Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor by Polymerase Chain Reaction Facilitates the Management of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
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