Status of Journal of Thoracic Oncology in 2011
Randomized Clinical Trials Using New Technologies in Radiation Oncology
Are Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Gene Rearrangements in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Prognostic, Predictive, or Both?
Coming of Age for Monitoring Quality of Life and Patient-Reported Outcomes
International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Computed Tomography Screening Workshop 2011 Report
Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation and the Gene Expression Change in Lung Cancer
Aberrant Regulation of the MRP3 Gene in Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Changes in Plasma Mass-Spectral Profile in Course of Treatment of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase: A Potent Therapeutic Target in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Gene Mutation
Increasing Age and Carcinoma Not Otherwise Specified
Quality of Life and Symptom Burden among Long-Term Lung Cancer Survivors
Predictive Value of Intratumoral Microvascular Density in Patients with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy Plus Bevacizumab
Thyroid Transcription Factor-1 Amplification and Expressions in Lung Adenocarcinoma Tissues and Pleural Effusions Predict Patient Survival and Prognosis
Lung Adenocarcinomas with HER2-Activating Mutations Are Associated with Distinct Clinical Features and HER2/EGFR Copy Number Gains
Worse Disease-Free Survival in Never-Smokers with ALK+ Lung Adenocarcinoma
EML4-ALK Translocation Predicts Better Outcome in Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients with Wild-Type EGFR
Expression Profiling-Based Subtyping Identifies Novel Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Subgroups and Implicates Putative Resistance to Pemetrexed Therapy
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutation Status in Circulating Free DNA in Serum
Association of the Expression of Mutant Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Protein as Determined with Mutation-Specific Antibodies in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer with Progression-Free Survival after Gefitinib Treatment
Smoking, Occupational Risk Factors, and Bronchial Tumor Location
Exhaled Breath Analysis with a Colorimetric Sensor Array for the Identification and Characterization of Lung Cancer
Percutaneous Computed Tomography-Guided Coaxial Core Biopsy for Small Pulmonary Lesions with Ground-Glass Attenuation
Chest Wall Sarcomas are Accurately Diagnosed by Image-Guided Core Needle Biopsy
Randomized Phase II Study of Palifermin for Reducing Dysphagia in Patients Receiving Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Locally Advanced Unresectable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Results of a Multicentric In Silico Clinical Trial (ROCOCO)
Risk Factors for Treatment-Related Death Associated with Chemotherapy and Thoracic Radiotherapy for Lung Cancer
Associations Between Changes in Quality of Life and Survival After Lung Cancer Surgery
Thoroughness of Mediastinal Staging in Stage IIIA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
A Randomized Phase II Trial of Pemetrexed/Gemcitabine/Bevacizumab or Pemetrexed/Carboplatin/Bevacizumab in the First-Line Treatment of Elderly Patients with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Safety and Efficacy of First-Line Bevacizumab Plus Chemotherapy in Elderly Patients with Advanced or Recurrent Nonsquamous Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Costs and Clinical Outcomes among Patients with Second-Line Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in the Outpatient Community Setting
XL647—A Multitargeted Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Modest Improvements of Survival for Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer Aged 45 to 59 Years Only, Diagnosed in the Netherlands, 1989 to 2008
Phase I-II Trial of Gemcitabine-Based First-Line Chemotherapies for Small Cell Lung Cancer in Elderly Patients with Performance Status 0-2
Sustained Expression of Steroid Receptor Coactivator SRC-2/TIF-2 is Associated with Better Prognosis in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
Low ERCC1 Expression in Malignant Pleural Mesotheliomas Treated with Cisplatin and Vinorelbine Predicts Prolonged Progression-Free Survival
Pneumatosis Cystoides Intestinalis After Gefitinib Therapy for Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma
A Patient with Mediastinal Mature Teratoma Presenting with Paraneoplastic Limbic Encephalitis
Recent Advances in Lung Cancer
Immunotherapy for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Novel Approaches to Improve Patient Outcome: Erratum