Is it Time to Consider Pleurectomy and Decortication as the Only Surgical Treatment for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma?
Inactivation of Both FHIT and p53 Cooperate in Deregulating Proliferation-Related Pathways in Lung Cancer
Solitary Papillomas of the Lower Airways
CYFRA 21-1 as a Prognostic and Predictive Marker in Advanced Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer in a Prospective Trial
Clinical Utility of the Pretreatment Glasgow Prognostic Score in Patients with Advanced Inoperable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
ERCC1 and BRAC1 mRNA Expression Levels in the Primary Tumor Could Predict the Effectiveness of the Second-Line Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy in Pretreated Patients with Metastatic Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
EGFR Molecular Profiling in Advanced NSCLC
Transcutaneous Computed Bioconductance Measurement in Lung Cancer
MAGE qPCR Improves the Sensitivity and Accuracy of EBUS-TBNA for the Detection of Lymphatic Cancer Spread
A Multiplexed Serum Biomarker Immunoassay Panel Discriminates Clinical Lung Cancer Patients from High-Risk Individuals Found to be Cancer-Free by CT Screening
A Phase I Trial of the HIV Protease Inhibitor Nelfinavir with Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Unresectable Stage IIIA/IIIB Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Defining Local-Regional Control and Its Importance in Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Recurrence Dynamics for Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Efficacy and Toxicity of Belotecan for Relapsed or Refractory Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
Pleurectomy/Decortication is Superior to Extrapleural Pneumonectomy in the Multimodality Management of Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
NUT Rearrangement is Uncommon in Human Thymic Epithelial Tumors
Phase-II Trial of Rebeccamycin Analog, a Dual Topoisomerase-I and -II Inhibitor, in Relapsed “Sensitive” Small Cell Lung Cancer
Phase II Study of Dasatinib in Patients with Previously Treated Malignant Mesothelioma (Cancer and Leukemia Group B 30601)
Sunitinib Plus Paclitaxel in Patients with Advanced Esophageal Cancer
Ultra-Late Relapse with a Single Cerebellar Metastasis 10 Years after Complete Surgery for Stage IIA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma)
Detection of Circulating Lung Cancer Cells with Strong Thymidylate Synthase Reactivity in the Peripheral Blood of a Patient with Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Treated with Pemetrexed
ALK-Rearranged Lung Cancer
Erlotinib for Whole-Brain-Radiotherapy-Refractory Leptomeningeal Metastases After Gefitinib Failure in a Lung Adenocarcinoma Patient
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutation and Chemosensitivity
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutation and Chemosensitivity
KRAS Mutation Spectrum Notably Diverges between Non-small Cell Lung and Colorectal Carcinomas
KRAS Mutation Spectrum Notably Diverges between Non-small Cell Lung and Colorectal Carcinomas