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Increasing Physical Activity and Exercise in Lung Cancer
Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy for the Treatment of Early-stage Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Symptom and Quality of Life Improvement in LUX-Lung 6
Randomized Study on Early Detection of Lung Cancer with MSCT in Germany
FDG Uptake on Positron Emission Tomography Correlates with Survival and Time to Recurrence in Patients with Stage I Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
The BIM Deletion Polymorphism and its Clinical Implication in Patients with EGFR-Mutant Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treated with EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Upregulation of PD-L1 by EGFR Activation Mediates the Immune Escape in EGFR-Driven NSCLC
The Role of Extended Pulmonary Metastasectomy
Mediastinal Nodal Involvement in Patients with Clinical Stage I Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Patients Selected for Definitive Concurrent Chemoradiation at High-volume Facilities Achieve Improved Survival in Stage III Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Is Radiotherapy Useful for Treating Pain in Mesothelioma?
Primary Pulmonary NUT Midline Carcinoma
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Using a Radiobiology-Based Regimen for Stage I Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Diffuse Hemorrhagic Brain Metastases in an ALK Fusion Positive Patient on Crizotinib
BIRC6-ALK, a Novel Fusion Gene in ALK Break-Apart FISH-Negative Lung Adenocarcinoma, Responds to Crizotinib
Spatial Tumor Heterogeneity in Lung Cancer with Acquired Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Resistance
A Long-Term Spinal Intramedullary Response to Ceritinib in ALK Rearranged Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer
Metabolomics a Novel Biomarker in Lung Cancer
Beware of the “Bronchocele,” Particularly in Patients with a History or Risk Factors for a Mucinous Carcinoma
Reply to “18F-Choline PET-CT in the Management of Lung Cancer and Mucinous Tumors?”
Uncommon EGFR Exon 19 Mutations Confer Gefitinib Resistance in Advanced Lung Adenocarcinoma
MicroRNA Assays for Diagnosis Lung Cancer Biopsy
Reply to “MiR-205 and miR-375 microRNA Assays to Distinguish Squamous Cell Carcinoma From Adenocarcinoma in Lung Cancer Biopsies”
Reply to “Better Prognostic Models May Result in Improved Patient Selection for Adjuvant Therapies After Complete Resection of Solitary Fibrous Tumors of the Pleura”