Comparative Study of Chemotherapy Regimens Based on Platinum and Its Different Toxicities in Patients With Advanced NSCLC : P1.40
Bayesian Network Meta-Comparison of Maintenance Treatments for Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Patients : P1.41 (also presented as PD2.06)
PEM/CBP/BEV Followed by Maintenance PEM/BEV in Hispanic Patients With NSCLC: Outcomes According to TS, ERCC1 and VEGF : P1.42 (also presented as PD2.04)
Radiosurgery, a New Paradigm in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) to the Brain: An Update : P1.43 (also presented as PD2.05)
Phase I/II Trial of X-396, A Novel ALK Inhibitor, in Patients With ALK+ NSCLC : P1.44 (also presented as PD2.02)
Impact of Dose Adjustment on Afatinib Safety and Efficacy in EGFR Mutation-Positive NSCLC: Post-Hoc Analyses of LUX-Lung 3/6 : P1.45
Phase I Study of Nivolumab + Nab-Paclitaxel in Solid Tumors: Preliminary Analysis of the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cohort : P1.46
ABOUND.sqm QoL by Response: Interim Analysis of Squamous NSCLC Pts Treated With nab-Paclitaxel/Carboplatin Induction Therapy : P1.47
nab-Paclitaxel + Carboplatin in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Outcomes in Elderly Patients With Squamous Histology : P1.48
The Genomics of Young Emergent Lung Cancer : P1.49 (also presented as PD1.05)
Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Darbepoetin Alfa in Subjects With Advanced Stage NSCLC Receiving Multi-Cycle Chemotherapy : P1.50
Impact of Regulatory Delays in Drug Approval: Mortality and Morbidity Due to With Lack of Access to Crizotinib in Brazil : P1.51
LUME-MeSO: Phase II/III Study of Nintedanib + Pemetrexed/Cisplatin in Patients With Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma : P2.01
Thymic Malignancies. A Single Institution Series From 2006-2016 : P2.02
Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Beyond First-Line Among Hispanics (MeSO-CLICaP) : P2.03
Characteristics and Long Term Outcomes of Advanced Pleural Mesothelioma in Latin America (MeSO-CLICaP) : P2.04
The Synthetic Peptide CIGB-300 Inhibits NF-κB Translocation Affecting the Survival and Chemoresistance of NSCLC Cell Lines : P2.05
Exosomal miRNA Analysis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: New Liquid Biomarker? : P2.06
Evaluation of Different Exosomal RNA Isolation Methods in NSCLC Liquid Biopsies : P2.07
Gene Fusions Detected in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) and Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (SCLC) : P2.08
cMET in NSCLC: Expression, Amplification and Mutations : P2.09
Clinical and Pathological Characteristics of ALK Positive Lung Cancer Patients. Instituto Oncológico Nacional – Panama : P2.10
Treatment Response in Patients With ALK Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Positive With Fish Negative : P2.12
Testing Profiles in NSCLC Biopsy Samples: Multi-Institutional Study in Cordoba : P2.13
Lung Cancer as Second Primary Cancer in Two Patients in a Reference Hospital in Latin America: A Case Report : P2.14
Treatment Outcome of Metastatic Breast Angiosarcoma to the Lung, in a Reference Hospital in Latin America: A Case Report : P2.15
Atypical Adenomatous Hyperplasia (AAH) in a Patient With a Primary Carcinoid Lung Tumor: Case-Report : P2.16
Incidence of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Biomarkers in Panama; Demographyc, Clinic and Histopathological Features : P2.17
Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) Technique: Experience in the Pulmonology Unit of a Reference Hospital in Latin America : P2.18
Infrequent Staining Patterns in ALK Immunohistochemistry: Correlation With Fish Analysis : P2.19 (also presented as PD1.04)
Malignant Obstruction of the Central Airway by an EBV(+) Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: An Unusual Presentation : P2.20
Endobronchial Ultrasound Transbronchial Needle Aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) Experience in a Reference Hospital in Latin America : P2.21
Therapeutic Bronchoscopy in Multimodal Therapy for the Management of Central Airway Obstruction in Latin America : P2.22
Effectiveness of Methylnaltrexone Bromide as a Treatment for Opioid-Induced Constipation in NSCLC Patients : P2.23
Pulmonary-Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma: A Case Report of Spontaneous Regression : P2.24
Reference to Palliative Care in Patients With Advanced Lung Cancer Treated With Systemic Therapy. Ion, Panama : P2.26
Blood Supplement Research of the Percutaneous Inoculated Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor Lung Cancer Model : P2.27
Image-Guided Radiofrecuency Ablation of Lung Metastases. A Single Cancer Center Experience in Panama : P2.28
An Approach to Ensure Adequate Intake of Nutrients for Patients With Lung Cancer : P2.29
Understanding Factors Influencing Self-Referral of Patients From Resource-Limited Institutions Seeking Lung Cancer Care : P2.31
Survival Assessment of Non-Small Cell Lung Neoplasia Patients in Advanced Stage Treated With the CIMAvax-EGF Vaccine : P2.32
Safety Profile of Nivolumab Administered as 30-Minute (MIN) Infusion: Analysis of Data From Checkmate 153 : P2.33
Vaxira and CIMAvax-EGF Therapeutic Vaccines Combination in the Advanced NSCLC Treatment : P2.34
Nivolumab vs Docetaxel in Advanced NSCLC: CheckMate 017/057 2-Y Update and Exploratory Cytokine Profile Analysis : P2.35
Nivolumab (nivo) in Patients (pts) With Advanced (adv) NSCLC and Central Nervous System (CNS) Metastases (mets) : P2.36
A Case of Immune-Mediated Pneumonitis? : P2.37
Nivolumab in Clinical Practice: Real World Experience in an Argentina Oncologic Center : P2.38
Long-Term OS for Patients With Advanced NSCLC Enrolled in the KEYNOTE-001 Study of Pembrolizumab : P2.39
CIMAvaxEGF Vaccine for the Treatment of Real-World NSCLC Patients : P2.40
Pembrolizumab vs Docetaxel for Previously Treated NSCLC (KEYNOTE-010): Archival vs New Tumor Samples for PD-L1 Assessment : P2.41 (also presented as PD1.06)
An Immunotherapy Approach to Overcoming Resistance to Second and Third Generation EGFR Inhibitors : P2.42
Pembrolizumab vs Platinum-Based Chemotherapy for PD-L1+ NSCLC: Phase 3, Randomized, Open-Label KEYNOTE-042 (NCT02220894) : P2.43
An Update of a Pooled Analysis of Nivolumab for the Treatment of Advanced NSCLC and the Role of PD-L1 as a BIOMARKER : P2.44
An Estimate of the Economic Impact of Treatment of NSCLC With Immunotherapy Relative to PD-L1 Expression in Brazil : P2.45
LCSS as a Marker of Treatment Benefit With Nivolumab vs Docetaxel in Pts With Advanced Non-Squamous NSCLC From Checkmate 057 : P2.46 (also presented as PD1.01)
The Role of PD-L1 Expression as a Predictive Biomarker in Advanced NSCLC: An Update of a Network Meta-Analysis : P2.47 (also presented as PD1.02)