We're off: Annual report October 2001 to September 2002
Thorax online submission
Thoracoscopic fluorescence diagnosis (TFD) of pleural malignancies: experimental studies
Induced sputum and bronchoscopy in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
Oropharyngeal carriage and lower airway colonisation/infection in 45 tracheotomised children
Feasibility of measuring lung function in preschool children
Relation of bronchial responsiveness to body mass index in the ECRHS
Psychological, social and health behaviour risk factors for deaths certified as asthma: a national case-control study
Randomised pragmatic comparison of UK and US treatment of acute asthma presenting to hospital
Randomised controlled trial of transcutaneous electrical muscle stimulation of the lower extremities in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Ambulatory pulmonary artery pressure monitoring during sleep and exercise in normal individuals and patients with COPD
Characterisation of adhesion receptors mediating lymphocyte adhesion to bronchial endothelium provides evidence for a distinct lung homing pathway
Effect of arachidonic and eicosapentaenoic acids on acute lung injury induced by hypochlorous acid
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • 5: Systemic effects of COPD
Lung cancer • 2: Screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer
The pulmonary physician in critical care • 11: Critical care management of respiratory failure resulting from COPD
Exacerbation of pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis by exogenous oestrogen used for infertility treatment
Duplicate publication
Duplicate publication
Duplicate publication
Chlamydia pneumoniae and COPD exacerbation
Chlamydia pneumoniae and COPD exacerbation
ICU outcomes in acute respiratory failure secondary to COPD
Marginal benefits of adding formoterol
Respiratory Medicine Specialist Handbook