Highlights from this issue
Childhood pneumonia
Keeping up appearances
Obstructive sleep apnoea and cardiovascular calcification
Deleterious systemic effects of OSA
Look back with (some) anger, and a lot of pleasure
Characteristics of COPD in never-smokers and ever-smokers in the general population
Palliative care for patients with advanced fibrotic lung disease
Chest radiographic abnormalities in HIV-infected African children
Respiratory viruses associated with community-acquired pneumonia in children
Toll-like receptor 7 governs interferon and inflammatory responses to rhinovirus and is suppressed by IL-5-induced lung eosinophilia
Microfibrillar-associated protein 4 modulates airway smooth muscle cell phenotype in experimental asthma
Association of sleep characteristics with atrial fibrillation
Objectively measured sleep characteristics and prevalence of coronary artery calcification
Association of incident obstructive sleep apnoea with outcomes in a large cohort of US veterans
Further evidence for an association between LCI and FEV1 in patients with PCD
Nitrogen washout measurements of lung clearance index (LCI)
Asthma in Latin America
Ultrasound-guided pneumothorax induction prior to local anaesthetic thoracoscopy
Computerised clinical decision support for suspected PE
Right intralobar sequestration with arterial supply from left gastric artery
Intrathoracic extramedullary haemopoiesis in a patient with hereditary spherocytosis
What's hot that the other lot got