Highlights from this issue
Thorax at 70
Can we finally use spirometry in the clinical management of infants with respiratory conditions?
Avoiding unnecessary arterial blood sampling in COPD exacerbations
Using venous blood gas analysis in the assessment of COPD exacerbations
Discovery of novel plasma protein biomarkers to predict imminent cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbations using multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry
Withdrawn notice
Short-term and long-term response to pulmonary exacerbation treatment in cystic fibrosis
Resection rate of lung cancer in Teesside (UK) and Varese (Italy)
Gastro-oesophageal reflux and worse asthma control in obese children
Obese individuals experience wheezing without asthma but not asthma without wheezing
Respiratory health and disease in a UK population-based cohort of 85 year olds
The natural history of severe asthma and influences of early risk factors
New reference ranges for interpreting forced expiratory manoeuvres in infants and implications for clinical interpretation
Airway surface liquid homeostasis in cystic fibrosis
British Thoracic Society community-acquired pneumonia care bundle
The LungPath study
Epiglottic cyst
What's hot that the other lot got