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Chimney stove intervention – ready for scale up? CON
Chimney stove intervention – ready for scale up? PRO
Reporting data on long-term follow-up of critical care trials
Respiratory muscle wasting in the ICU
Study the past to divine the future. Confucius' wisdom doesn't work for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
One-year outcomes of rosuvastatin versus placebo in sepsis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome
Understanding the impact of second-hand smoke exposure on clinical outcomes in participants with COPD in the SPIROMICS cohort
Lung function in woodsmoke-exposed Guatemalan children following a chimney stove intervention
Effect of continued treatment with pirfenidone following clinically meaningful declines in forced vital capacity
Prolonged controlled mechanical ventilation in humans triggers myofibrillar contractile dysfunction and myofilament protein loss in the diaphragm
Proactive tobacco treatment offering free nicotine replacement therapy and telephone counselling for socioeconomically disadvantaged smokers
Advancing clinical development pathways for new CFTR modulators in cystic fibrosis
The pulmonary endothelium in acute respiratory distress syndrome
Higher cough flow is associated with lower risk of pneumonia in acute stroke
Lung clearance index response in patients with CF with class III CFTR mutations
The presence or severity of pulmonary hypertension does not affect outcomes for single-lung transplantation
Breathlessness in an ex-miner
Metastatic pulmonary calcification
Giant air-inflated hydatid cyst of the lung mimicking massive pneumothorax
What's hot that the other lot got