Highlights from this issue
The restrictive-obstructive continuum and the failing heart
A risk stratification tool for exacerbations of COPD: time to switch to DECAF
Thorax protocol review: working with trialists to improve trial quality
Erratum: ‘British Thoracic Society Guideline Group For The Ventilatory Management of Acute Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure in Adults. Managing acute hypercapnic respiratory failure in adults: where do we need to get to?'
The EQ-5D-5L health status questionnaire in COPD: validity, responsiveness and minimum important difference
Exome-wide analysis of rare coding variation identifies novel associations with COPD and airflow limitation in MOCS3 , IFIT3 and SERPINA12
End-of-life care in oxygen-dependent ILD compared with lung cancer: a national population-based study
Transplacental sildenafil rescues lung abnormalities in the rabbit model of diaphragmatic hernia
Lung function and airway obstruction: associations with circulating markers of cardiac function and incident heart failure in older men—the British Regional Heart Study
Increasing burden of community-acquired pneumonia leading to hospitalisation, 1998-2014
Sleep-disordered breathing and daytime postural stability
Bioaerosol production by patients with tuberculosis during normal tidal breathing: implications for transmission risk
Review of the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2015, 2-4 December, London, UK
The dangers of widespread nitric oxide screening for primary ciliary dyskinesia
The utility of exhaled nitric oxide in patients with suspected asthma
Caffeine inhibits TGFβ activation in epithelial cells, interrupts fibroblast responses to TGFβ, and reduces established fibrosis in ex vivo precision-cut lung slices
Time to first antibiotic and mortality in adults hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia: a matched-propensity analysis
A case of behavioural hyperventilation associated with severe central sleep apnoea and follow-up management
Persistent tachypnoea in an infant with cystic lung lucencies on CT scan
Multiple giant bullae of the lung mimicking massive pneumothorax in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta
What's hot that the other lot got