Highlights from this issue
Repositioning compounds from cancer drug discovery to IPF
Efficacy of CPAP modalities in lowering blood pressure in OSA
Deciphering clinical phenotypes in acute viral lower respiratory tract infection
Can routine genetic testing help to end TB transmission?
The validity of health-related quality of life questionnaires in bronchiectasis
A child chronic cough-specific quality of life measure
Exploration of a potent PI3 kinase/mTOR inhibitor as a novel anti-fibrotic agent in IPF
A clustering approach to identify severe bronchiolitis profiles in children
Maternal sleep-disordered breathing and the risk of delivering small for gestational age infants
Fixed-pressure CPAP versus auto-adjusting CPAP
The prospective evaluation of the TB strain typing service in England
Identifying areas and risk groups with localised Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in northern England from 2010 to 2012
Recent TB transmission, clustering and predictors of large clusters in London, 2010–2012
Lung cancer tissue diagnosis in poor lung function
Nasal high flow oxygen therapy in patients with COPD reduces respiratory rate and tissue carbon dioxide while increasing tidal and end-expiratory lung volumes
EBUS-guided mediastinal lung cancer staging
Treatment failure due to use of a ‘ramp’ option on pressure support home ventilators
Why vessels do matter in pulmonary disease
Nitinol stent insertion in tracheomalacia
An unusual cause of shortness of breath in a young boy
Bochdalek hernia as unusual cause of massive hydrothorax in a 50-year-old man
What’s hot that the other lot got