Highlights from this issue
Lung cancer screening
Lung macrophages
Macrophage-derived microvesicles’ pathogenic role in acute lung injury
Neutrophils and tissue damage
Mortality of CAP reduced in the UK
Clinical and functional differences between early-onset and late-onset adult asthma
Physical frailty and pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD
Long-term psychosocial outcomes of low-dose CT screening
Long-term persistence of human donor alveolar macrophages in lung transplant recipients
Altered breathing mechanics and ventilatory response during exercise in children born extremely preterm
Alveolar macrophage-derived microvesicles mediate acute lung injury
Hypoxia upregulates neutrophil degranulation and potential for tissue injury
A novel immunomodulatory function of neutrophils on rhinovirus-activated monocytes in vitro
Incidence and recognition of acute respiratory distress syndrome in a UK intensive care unit
Recovery from pneumonia requires efferocytosis which is impaired in smokers and those with low body mass index and enhanced by statins
Relationship between pulmonary rehabilitation and care dependency in COPD
A 22-year-old woman with unexplained exertional dyspnoea
Mortality reduction in adult community-acquired pneumonia in the UK (2009–2014)
The value of sound waves and pleural manometry in diagnosing a pleural effusion with the dual diagnosis
Whole lung lavage for lipoid pneumonia
Diagnosis of pneumothorax without exposure to ionising radiation
What's hot that the other lot got