Erythrocytes as a novel delivery vehicle for biologics: from enzymes to nucleic acid-based therapeutics

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Biological drugs are among the most exciting drugs of the future, offering better treatment options for patients than ever before but they need an appropriate delivery vehicle. Carrier erythrocytes are one of the most promising drug-delivery systems. Application of erythrocytes as containers for various drugs minimizes toxicity, decreasing the risk of side effects and pathologic immune reactions against encapsulated agents as well as improving their efficacy, leading to better patient compliance. This review discusses the rationale for the use of erythrocytes as a vehicle for biopharmaceuticals and summarizes the categories of these new encapsulable compounds that are currently under investigation. The authors’ intent is to describe the development of this delivery system to give the reader an overview of the remarkable potential of erythrocytes as naturally designed carriers and their versatility in the field of biologics for the treatment of various pathological conditions.

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