Industry Update: The latest developments in therapeutic delivery

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The present industry update covers the period 1 April–30 April 2013, with information sourced from company press releases, regulatory and patent agencies as well as the scientific literature. Next to the publication of a number of industry reports (MarketsandMarkets) on drug-delivery technology, companies and market projections, a number of original manuscripts from the nanotechnology field and its applicability for drug delivery, such as the use of silica-based nanoparticle and self-propelled ‘microrockets’, were received. Progress on patient-friendly delivery methods, such as the ever evolving improved needle(free) delivery (Entrega, BD Medical), inhaled formulations for Parkinson's disease treatment (Citiats, Northeastern University), inner ear for tinnitus (Auris Medical) and eye for dry eye syndrome (Novaliq), as well as the use of biologics, not as the active ingredient but the delivery vehicle itself (Ambrx antibodies and C4BP protein), demonstrate the never ending creativity to enhance drug treatments with superior delivery technology.

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