Perioperative anticoagulation in patients having implantation of a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator
Initiation and persistence of warfarin or aspirin as thromboprophylaxis in chronic atrial fibrillation in general practice
PROC, PROCR and PROS1 polymorphisms, plasma anticoagulant phenotypes, and risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality in older adults
The −589C>T polymorphism in the interleukin-4 gene (IL-4) is associated with a reduced risk of myocardial infarction in young individuals
Prothrombotic gene variation and new vascular events after cerebral ischemia of arterial origin
Oral anticoagulation should be managed in the community with treatment aimed at standard therapeutic targets and increased recall intervals
Warfarin for atrial fibrillation in community-based practise
Laboratory and clinical outcomes of pharmacogenetic vs. clinical protocols for warfarin initiation in orthopedic patients
Pharmacodynamic resistance to warfarin is associated with nucleotide substitutions in VKORC1
Differences in urinary prothrombin fragment 1 + 2 levels after total hip replacement in relation to venous thromboembolism and bleeding events
Direct-to-consumer advertising for bleeding disorders
Treatment with dextromethorphan improves endothelial function, inflammation and oxidative stress in male heavy smokers
Influence of different IgG anticardiolipin antibody cut-off values on antiphospholipid syndrome classification
Reversible biotinylated oligosaccharides
Caseload volume-outcome relation for pulmonary embolism treatment
Differences in clinical presentation of deep vein thrombosis in men and women
High rate of unprovoked recurrent venous thrombosis is associated with high thrombin-generating potential in a prospective cohort study
Clinical and molecular markers of inherited von Willebrand disease type 3
An Alu-mediated novel large deletion is the most frequent cause of type 3 von Willebrand disease in Hungary
Arterial antithrombotic and bleeding time effects of apixaban, a direct factor Xa inhibitor, in combination with antiplatelet therapy in rabbits
No evidence for the presence of tissue factor in high-purity preparations of immunologically isolated eosinophils
Polyphosphate as a general procoagulant agent
Effect of dominant negative SNAP-23 expression on platelet function
4-Thio-deoxyuridylate-modified thrombin aptamer and its inhibitory effect on fibrin clot formation, platelet aggregation and thrombus growth on subendothelial matrix
The endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoylglycerol activates human platelets through non-CB1/CB2 receptors
Thrombin induces activation and translocation of Bid, Bax and Bak to the mitochondria in human platelets
The membrane-proximal intermolecular disulfide bonds in glycoprotein Ib influence receptor binding to von Willebrand factor
Retinoids and activation of PKC induce tissue-type plasminogen activator expression and storage in human astrocytes
GAS6-induced signaling in human endothelial cells is mediated by FOXO1a
A small molecule CXCR4 antagonist inhibits neointima formation and smooth muscle progenitor cell mobilization after arterial injury
Low levels of tissue factor rescue protein C-associated pregnancy failure in mice
Stability of the activated partial thromboplastin time used to monitor unfractionated heparin
Is calcium-independent phospholipase A2 required for store-operated calcium entry in human platelets?
Molecular characteristics of the intron 22 homologs of the coagulation factor VIII gene
Prognostic value of serial platelet reactivity measurements on long-term clinical outcome in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary PCI
Circadian oscillation of circulating prothrombotic thrombospondin-1
ADAMTS13 P475S polymorphism causes a lowered enzymatic activity and urea lability in vitro
Multiple anti-atherosclerotic treatments impair aspirin compliance
Perforation of the inferior vena cava by a Greenfield filter
Placental corticotrophin-releasing hormone mRNA and microparticles in maternal plasma are not measures of placental shedding of debris
Placental corticotrophin-releasing hormone RNA and microparticles in maternal plasma are not measures of placental shedding of debris