Rewards for commitment and success
The discovery of the endothelial cell protein C receptor
Genetic testing for von Willebrand disease
Genetic testing for von Willebrand disease
The mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways
Post-operative platelet count profile
Early-onset and persisting thrombocytopenia in post-cardiac surgery patients is rarely due to heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, even when antibody tests are positive
Adenosine diphosphate-inducible platelet reactivity shows a pronounced age dependency in the initial phase of antiplatelet therapy with clopidogrel
The effect of elinogrel on high platelet reactivity during dual antiplatelet therapy and the relation to cyp 2c19*2 genotype
Asymptomatic brain magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in splenectomized adults with thalassemia intermedia
Volumetric or time-based capnography for excluding pulmonary embolism in outpatients?
The clinical course of pulmonary embolism patients anticoagulated for 1 year
The decrease in procarboxypeptidase U (TAFI) concentration in acute ischemic stroke correlates with stroke severity, evolution and outcome
To bleed or not to bleed – is that a question?
Efficacy and safety of secondary prophylactic vs. on-demand sucrose-formulated recombinant factor VIII treatment in adults with severe hemophilia A
Prediction of the warfarin maintenance dose after completion of the 10 mg initiation nomogram
Ability of VKORC1 and CYP2C9 to predict therapeutic warfarin dose during the initial weeks of therapy
Effect of a simple two-step warfarin dosing algorithm on anticoagulant control as measured by time in therapeutic range
Patients requiring interruption of long-term oral anticoagulant therapy
High platelet count associated with venous thromboembolism in cancer patients
Reduction in deep vein thrombosis incidence in intensive care after a clinician education program
Novel APC-cleavage sites in FVa provide insights into mechanisms of action of APC and its cofactor protein S
The plasma von Willebrand factor O -glycome comprises a surprising variety of structures including ABH antigens and disialosyl motifs
Mean platelet volume
Mean platelet volume as a predictor of cardiovascular risk
Mean platelet volume is a risk factor for venous thromboembolism
The platelet glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex anchors lipid rafts to the membrane skeleton
Arterial thrombosis
Cleaved high molecular weight kininogen inhibits tube formation of endothelial progenitor cells via suppression of matrix metalloproteinase 2
Human plasminogen kringle 1–5 reduces atherosclerosis and neointima formation in mice by suppressing the inflammatory signaling pathway
Definition of major bleeding in clinical investigations of antihemostatic medicinal products in surgical patients
Platelet-bound P-selectin expression in patients with coronary artery disease
Coronary atherosclerosis and cardiovascular mortality in hemophilia
Thrombophilia and the risk of post-thrombotic syndrome
The prevalence of symptomatic von Willebrand disease in primary care practice
The use of well-characterized sera for the assessment of new diagnostic enzyme-immunoassays for the diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia