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Patients with a first symptomatic unprovoked deep vein thrombosis are at higher risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism than patients with a first unprovoked pulmonary embolism
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Zn2+-containing protein S inhibits extrinsic factor X-activating complex independently of tissue factor pathway inhibitor
von Willebrand factor variant p.Arg924Gln marks an allele associated with reduced von Willebrand factor and factor VIII levels
Enhanced thrombin generation in patients with cirrhosis-induced coagulopathy
Atorvastatin or transgenic expression of TFPI inhibits coagulation initiated by anti-nonGal IgG binding to porcine aortic endothelial cells
Homozygous type 2N R854W von Willebrand factor is poorly secreted and causes a severe von Willebrand disease phenotype
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A Gi-independent mechanism mediating Akt phosphorylation in platelets
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A mutation in the acyl-coenzyme A binding domain-containing protein 5 gene ( ACBD5  ) identified in autosomal dominant thrombocytopenia
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