Gene therapy for haemophilia: a long and winding road
Recent progress in anticoagulant therapy: oral direct inhibitors of thrombin and factor Xa
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Serpin structure, function and dysfunction
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Novel platelet activation receptor CLEC-2: from discovery to prospects
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Platelet adhesion and activation mechanisms in arterial thrombosis and ischaemic stroke
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Discovery of the cardiovascular system: from Galen to William Harvey
Biology and physics of von Willebrand factor concatamers
Role of intimate interactions between endothelial cells and the surrounding accessory cells in the maturation of blood vessels
Role of stem cells in cardiovascular biology
Nanoscale studies of protein-membrane interactions in blood clotting
Thrombomodulin: protectorate God of the vasculature in thrombosis and inflammation
Tissue-type plasminogen activator-mediated plasminogen activation and contact activation, implications in and beyond haemostasis
Innate immunity and coagulation
Exploration of the host haemostatic system by group A streptococcus: implications in searching for novel antimicrobial therapies
Toxins in thrombosis and haemostasis: potential beyond imagination
von Willebrand factor: the complex molecular genetics of a multidomain and multifunctional protein
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Management of acquired haemophilia A
Gynecological and obstetrical manifestations of inherited bleeding disorders in women
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How to prevent, treat, and overcome current clinical challenges of VTE
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