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New paradigms in sepsis: from prevention to protection of failing microcirculation
Circulatory support devices: fundamental aspects and clinical management of bleeding and thrombosis
The prediction of postoperative stroke or death in patients with preoperative atrial fibrillation undergoing non-cardiac surgery: a VISION sub-study
Growing thrombi release increased levels of CD235a+ microparticles and decreased levels of activated platelet-derived microparticles. Validation in ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients
Acquired factor V inhibitor after exposure to topical human thrombin related to an otorhinolaryngological procedure
Hemodialysis for the treatment of dabigatran-associated bleeding: a case report and systematic review
In vivo increase in thrombin generation by four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate in apixaban-treated healthy volunteers
Evaluation of an heterogeneous group of patients with von Willebrand disease using an assay alternative to ristocetin induced platelet agglutination
Sex difference in the risk of recurrent venous thrombosis: a detailed analysis in four European cohorts
Predictive value of factor VIII levels for recurrent venous thrombosis: results from the MEGA follow-up study
Elevated levels of factor VIII and subsequent risk of all-cause mortality: results from the MEGA follow-up study
Mild hemophilia A patient with novel Pro1809Leu mutation develops an anti-C2 antibody inhibiting allogeneic but not autologous factor VIII activity
Angiogenic characteristics of blood outgrowth endothelial cells from patients with von Willebrand disease
Coagulation factor XII genetic variation, ex vivo thrombin generation, and stroke risk in the elderly: results from the Cardiovascular Health Study
Viscoelastic measurements of platelet function, not fibrinogen function, predicts sensitivity to tissue-type plasminogen activator in trauma patients
Intramedullary megakaryocytes internalize released platelet factor 4 and store it in alpha granules
Distinguishing between anti–platelet factor 4/heparin antibodies that can and cannot cause heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Lysine acetyltransfer supports platelet function
Drospirenone enhances GPIb-IX-V-mediated platelet activation
More about cellular signaling by antiphospholipid antibodies
A novel pathway of cellular activation mediated by antiphospholipid antibody-induced extracellular vesicles
Fresh frozen plasma transfusion fails to influence the hemostatic balance in critically ill patients with a coagulopathy: comment
Fresh frozen plasma transfusion fails to influence the hemostatic balance in critically ill patients with a coagulopathy: reply
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