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No P Please
What the neighbors say
Unique challenges and experiences of trainees from Reach‐the‐World countries
Factor XII
A diagnostic approach to mild bleeding disorders
Neutralizing autoantibody against factor XIII A subunit resulted in severe bleeding diathesis with a fatal outcome – characterization of the antibody
Nonacog beta pegol in previously treated children with hemophilia B
IgG/IgM antiphospholipid antibodies present in the classification criteria for the antiphospholipid syndrome
Hypoglycosylation is a common finding in antithrombin deficiency in the absence of a SERPINC1 gene defect
C‐reactive protein, obesity, and the risk of arterial and venous thrombosis
Risk of venous thrombosis in persons with increased body mass index and interactions with other genetic and acquired risk factors
Factor VIII chromogenic assays can be used for potency labeling and postadministration monitoring of N8‐GP
Protein S is protective in pulmonary fibrosis
Is resistance futile? The role of activated thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor resistance in bleeding in factor XI deficiency
Reduced fibrinolytic resistance in patients with factor XI deficiency. Evidence of a thrombin‐independent impairment of the thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor pathway
Backseat drivers
Passenger mutations and aberrant gene expression in congenic tissue plasminogen activator‐deficient mouse strains
Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of two nanobodies that inhibit thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor activation and activated thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor activity
Protease‐activated receptor 4 is more important than protease‐activated receptor 1 for the thrombin‐induced procoagulant effect on platelets
Inhibition of protease‐activated receptor 4 impairs platelet procoagulant activity during thrombus formation in human blood
Angiopoietin‐2 mediates thrombin‐induced monocyte adhesion and endothelial permeability
Recommendations for authors of manuscripts reporting inhibitor cases developed in previously treated patients with hemophilia
Management of direct oral anticoagulants in women of childbearing potential
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