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Going abroad
What the neighbors say
Benefits and challenges of going abroad for research or clinical training
Protamine (heparin)‐induced thrombocytopenia
Current and future perspectives in imaging of venous thromboembolism
Bleeding risk assessment in atrial fibrillation
Low performance of bleeding risk models in the very elderly with atrial fibrillation using vitamin K antagonists
Identification and characterization of the elusive mutation causing the historical von Willebrand Disease type IIC Miami
A meta‐analysis of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with brain tumors receiving therapeutic anticoagulation
The impact of a male or female thrombotic family history on contraceptive counseling
Association of thrombophilia and catheter‐associated thrombosis in children
Genetic risk factors for venous thrombosis in the elderly in a case–control study
Diagnostic characteristics of lower limb venous compression ultrasonography in suspected pulmonary embolism
Predictors of active cancer thromboembolic outcomes
Role of anti‐domain 1‐β2glycoprotein I antibodies in the diagnosis and risk stratification of antiphospholipid syndrome
Measurement of residual platelet thrombogenicity under arterial shear conditions in cerebrovascular disease patients receiving antiplatelet therapy
Is there still room for additional common susceptibility alleles for venous thromboembolism?
High‐affinity von Willebrand factor binding does not affect the anatomical or hepatocellular distribution of factor VIII in rats
Dual effect of histone H4 on prothrombin activation
Plasminogen and stroke
Physiologic variations in blood plasminogen levels affect outcomes after acute cerebral thromboembolism in mice
Proteolysis of plasminogen activator inhibitor‐1 by Yersinia pestis remodulates the host environment to promote virulence
Thrombolysis by chemically modified coagulation factor Xa
A rabbit model of cerebral microembolic signals for translational research
Dynamics of calcium spiking, mitochondrial collapse and phosphatidylserine exposure in platelet subpopulations during activation
Regulation of platelet lifespan in the presence and absence of thrombopoietin signaling
Genome‐wide studies of von Willebrand factor propeptide identify loci contributing to variation in propeptide levels and von Willebrand factor clearance
Structure‐function relationships in thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor
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