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Ibrutinib‐associated bleeding : pathogenesis, management and risk reduction strategies
Long‐term treatment of cancer‐associated thrombosis : the choice of the optimal anticoagulant
Incomplete reversibility of platelet inhibition following prolonged exposure to ticagrelor
Comparing thrombin generation in patients with hemophilia A and patients on vitamin K antagonists
Genetics, diagnosis and clinical features of congenital hypodysfibrinogenemia : a systematic literature review and report of a novel mutation
Once versus twice daily aspirin after coronary bypass surgery : a randomized trial
Personalized thromboprophylaxis using a risk score for the management of pregnancies with high risk of thrombosis : a prospective clinical study
Long‐term outcomes of cancer‐related isolated distal deep vein thrombosis : the OPTIMEV study
D‐dimer at venous thrombosis diagnosis is associated with risk of recurrence
Thrombotic and bleeding outcomes following perioperative interruption of direct oral anticoagulants in patients with venous thromboembolic disease
Phase 1 dose‐escalating study to evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of a recombinant factor Xa variant (FXaI16L)
Recombinant fibrinogen reveals the differential roles of α‐ and γ‐chain cross‐linking and molecular heterogeneity in fibrin clot strain‐stiffening
New functional assays to selectively quantify the activated protein C‐ and tissue factor pathway inhibitor‐cofactor activities of protein S in plasma
A first‐in‐human study of DS‐1040, an inhibitor of the activated form of thrombin‐activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor, in healthy subjects
Shear‐sensitive nanocapsule drug release for site‐specific inhibition of occlusive thrombus formation
Targeting of C‐type lectin‐like receptor 2 or P2Y12 for the prevention of platelet activation by immunotherapeutic CpG oligodeoxynucleotides
The platelet‐activating receptor C‐type lectin receptor‐2 plays an essential role in liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in mice
Clumping factor A, von Willebrand factor‐binding protein and von Willebrand factor anchor Staphylococcus aureus to the vessel wall
Effects of alloantibodies to human leukocyte antigen on endothelial expression and serum levels of thrombomodulin
Disruption of protein complexes containing protein phosphatase 2B and Munc18c reduces the secretion of von Willebrand factor from endothelial cells
Towards a tailored diagnostic standard for future diagnostic studies in pulmonary embolism : communication from the SSC of the ISTH
Development of Shiny app tools to simplify and standardize the analysis of hemostasis assay data : communication from the SSC of the ISTH
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