Cardioprotection with Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange Inhibition
Functional and Cellular Regulation of the Myocardial Na+/H+ Exchanger
Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange and Platelet Function
Regulation of Cardiac Sarcolemmal Na+/H+ Exchanger Activity
Mechanisms of Protection of the Ischemic and Reperfused Myocardium by Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange Inhibition
If Ischemic Preconditioning Is the Gold Standard, Has a Platinum Standard of Cardioprotection Arrived? Comparison with NHE Inhibition
Role of the Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger in Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Diabetes
Protection of the Myocardium with Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange Inhibitors
Development of the Na+/H+ Exchange Inhibitor Cariporide as a Cardioprotective Drug