Genetics in the context of thrombophilia
Genetic counseling for inherited thrombophilias
Warfarin monitoring
Incorporating patient self-testing into your practice
Patient barriers and solutions for INR self-testing
Patient self-testing for management of anticoagulation therapy
Anticoagulation for mechanical heart valves
Anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation
Cancer and venous thromboembolism
Treatment of DVT
Pharmacogenetics of warfarin
New oral Xa and IIa inhibitors
Determinants and measures of quality in oral anticoagulation therapy
Establishing an inpatient anticoagulation service
Dietary supplements, herbs and oral anticoagulants
Case studies in anticoagulation management
Managing anticoagulant related coagulopathy
Utilization of dietary vitamin K supplementation to aid in INR stabilization for patients on chronic oral anticoagulant therapy
Utilization of vitamin K in an outpatient anticoagulation clinic
Low dose daily vitamin K supplementation in patients anticoagulated with warfarin
Use of daily vitamin K supplementation in patients on warfarin with a history of frequent dose changes or variable INRs
Effect of low-dose vitamin K supplementation in patients on warfarin with fluctuating international normalized ratios
Low-dose oral vitamin K to normalize the international normalized ratio prior to surgery in patients who require temporary interruption of warfarin
Clinical practice of supplemental vitamin K therapy in patients on oral anticoagulants with unstable international normalized ratios
Pharmacogentic factors affecting INR control during warfarin initiation
Evaluation of commercial platforms for rapid genotyping of polymorphisms affecting therapeutic warfarin dose
Pharmacogenetic dose adjustments in orthopedic patients beginning warfarin therapy
Common clinical variables predict warfarin maintenance dose and therapeutic resistance
Optimal dose adjustment in orthopedic patients beginning warfarin therapy
Evaluation of warfarin (W) patient information
Frequent point of care monitoring demonstrates the safety of low intensity warfarin therapy in Asian patients with mechanical heart valve
Implementing a computerized teaching tool to maximize patient education
Implementation of six sigma and lean methodology into the anticoagulation management process
An observational evaluation of inpatient warfarin utilization and management
A benchmark comparison across USA anticoagulation centers using the dawn anticoagulation software
National experience with an electronic medical record for anticoagulation therapy
Azathioprine induced warfarin resistance
A randomized, double-blind trial of the interaction between cranberry juice and warfarin
Clinical challenges of management of a coumarin rodenticide (brodifacoum) toxicity vs. warfarin toxicity
Evaluation of warfarin prescription labels
Using an access database to manage a large multi-site anticoagulation population to generate outcome data
Risk of thromboembolism with short-term interruption of warfarin
A disease management protocol for outpatient bridging therapy with enoxaparin in patients requiring temporary interruption of long-term oral anticoagulation
Utilization of outpatient treatment of deep vein thrombosis and barriers to its use
Effect of mandatory electronic order set on the ordering of DVT prophylaxis in medical patients
Prevalent etiologies of non-therapeutic warfarin anticoagulation in a network of pharmacist-managed anticoagulation clinics
An analysis of anticoagulant adverse drug events in a large community teaching hospital
Warfarin usage in octogenarians
Comparison of patient outcomes among Alaska native people using a warfarin dosing algorithm versus patient management system software
Discrepancies in the identification of major bleeding events in patients taking warfarin
Long-term warfarin therapy is associated with tissue calcification
Anticoagulant medications in pregnancy
The clinical consequence of subtherapeutic anticoagulation
Clinical and economic benefits of an anticoagulation management service (AMS) for cardiac surgery patients
4 years' experience with a pharmacy warfarin dosing service for orthopedic rehabilitation inpatients
Efficacy and safety of warfarin management in US anticoagulation clinic
Reduction in emergency department visits by patients attending an anticoagulation clinic
Impact of a pharmacist-managed inpatient anticoagulation service for warfarin titration with follow-on care at outpatient anticoagulation clinic