Management of Posttraumatic Arthritis of the Wrist With Radiolunate Fusion Enhanced With a Sliding Autograft: A Case Report and Description of a Novel Technique

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Although in rheumatoid cases radiolunate fusion presents with satisfying results, in cases with posttraumatic carpal distortion, the variability of injury pattern can influence the type of fixation and the rate of bony union. In this case report, we present an alternative technique of radiolunate fusion for the management of posttraumatic arthritis, which combines the traditional procedure with a corticocancellous autograft, created from the dorsal side of the radius that slides over the bones to be fused. That procedure provides the best environment for the bones to heal and an additional stabilizing effect on the radiolunate construct, thus better preserving the normal intercarpal relationships and wrist height. Patient's clinical and radiological outcome was very satisfactory until the last follow-up.

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