Sequestrectomy in Primary Osteomyelitis of the Humerus: A New Indication for Posterior Approach

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Surgical treatment for primary osteomyelitis of the humerus is not well standardized; guidelines come from the scientific literature on osteomyelitis of the femur and tibia. Commonly deltopectoral approach is used for the proximal humerus and posterior approach for the distal humerus. Sequestrectomy alone or the use of antibiotic cement (bead pouch technique) is advised in case of chronic osteomyelitis. Berger and Buckwalter described a posterior approach to the proximal part of the humerus for an excisional biopsy of an osteoid-osteoma. We found that this approach is also useful for sequestrectomy in primary osteomyelitis of the humerus. We describe the technique and make a review of the literature.

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