Phalangeal Lengthening Techniques for Brachydactily and Posttraumatic Digital Stumps With the Use of a Modified External Mini-Fixator

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Distraction osteogenesis has become the most used method for bone lengthening and deformity correction including the bones of the hand and foot. The principle techniques used for hand bone lengthening in posttraumatic and congenital conditions using available external fixators are based on this method. We present the technical specifications and surgical techniques with the use of a mini-fixator that was specially designed for short tubular bones. The surgical techniques of lengthening and web space skin stock creation for future web-pasty are supplied with the diagrams of their application to phalanges and illustrative clinical cases. Between 1999 and 2012, this mini-fixator was used for lengthening of 223 finger segments at our hospital and provided improvement of the hand esthetics and functions.

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