Technique for 3-Dimesional (3D) Modeling of Osteoarticular Medial Femoral Condyle Vascularized Grafting to Replace the Proximal Pole of Unsalvagable Scaphoid Nonunions

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This study describes a novel technique for the preoperative surgical planning for an osteoarticular medial femoral condyle (MFC) graft to replace the proximal pole of a scaphoid. In cases of proximal pole scaphoid nonunion or in Preiser disease, fragmentation of the articular surface can occur, leading to significant pain and disability. Osteoarticular MFC bone grafting can be used to treat these injuries by providing a vascularized osteoarticular surface. Using 3-dimensional imaging and printing we are able to precisely model the injured scaphoid, and also accurately plan the harvest of MFC osteoarticular graft. This technique allows for accurate preoperative planning of a complex 3-dimensional bone, and has improved our execution of the plan intraoperatively.

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