Fat Grafting for Esthetic Correction of the Muscle Atrophy Secondary to Ulnar Nerve Lesion

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Patients with hand muscular atrophy due to damage of the ulnar nerve could be stigmatized for their appearance. Unsatisfactory results in the attempt to correct the atrophy are reported in the literature. Fat grafting is an autologous and easily obtainable graft, antigenic response is very unlikely, it does not require any special material, and the procedure has a low cost. The technique of autologous fat grafting by using fat block, to remodel the first interdigital space, is useful and safe in correcting muscle atrophy of the first interdigital space caused by the injury of the ulnar nerve. This technique is suitable for muscular atrophy caused by injury of the ulnar nerve and nerve compression as well as patients present with esthetic complaints. Fifteen cases were operated using this technique. After the surgery, the resorption of the graft ranged between 12.5% and 66.7%, averaging 28%. Patients were able to check the benefit provided by filling of the atrophied area, which allowed a serene return to their daily life activities, living with others, reducing the need to hide their hands, and even facilitating their reintegration into the labor market.

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