BOOK REVIEW: Review of Transformation Beyond Greed Native Self-Actualization

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This book review evaluates the claim and supporting evidence for the author’s position that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has its origins in Native-American teachings on holistic health and wellness. Maslow reified and redefined general principles, values, and beliefs to fit within a scientific psychology. Moreover, the author describes how she developed and uses the Native Self-Actualization (NSA) assessment to discover within a range of acculturation and adaptation the degree to which each indigenous client can be better understood. The theories behind the NSA assessment are explained and how clinical treatment plans can be designed and customized to the needs of the client are applied. The book describes and demonstrates how a person can be culturally complex because of the colonization of a dominant group and how this is important to psychologists developing a cultural humility for working with such populations. There is much that psychologists can learn from indigenous peoples, and this book demonstrates and provides an example for how this can be done and why it is important in a growing globalized world community.

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