Assessment of Weight Changes From Breast Cancer Diagnosis to Survivorship: A Retrospective Chart Review Pilot Study

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Weight change after a diagnosis of breast cancer has been associated with lower survival. The purpose of this pilot study was (1) to evaluate weight change in breast cancer survivors from diagnosis to the implementation of their survivorship care plans at the conclusion of treatment and (2) to compare these findings to the pertinent literature. Forty-six survivorship care plans were reviewed retrospectively to collect data of age, stage of cancer, weight, menopausal status, and body mass index (BMI) at diagnosis and completion of treatment, in addition to surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. The median BMI of premenopausal women at diagnosis was 32.6 kg/m2. Postmenopausal women had a median BMI of 27.9 kg/m2. The average weight loss between diagnosis and treatment completion was not significant in either group. The oncology dietitian should consider nutritional programming for patients receiving chemotherapy and for those women who are overweight or obese at diagnosis.

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