Ly-6-domain proteins - new insights and new members: a C-terminal Ly-6 domain in sperm acrosomal protein SP-10
Six newly identified HLA-DRB alleles: DRB1*1121, *1419, *1420, *1421, DRB3*0203 and DRB5*0103
Linkage disequilibrium between HLA class II (DR, DQ, DP) and antigen processing (LMP, TAP, DM) genes of the major histocompatibility complex
Frequency of platelet-specific alloantigens in a Danish population
Sequence-specific priming and exonuclease-released fluorescence detection of HLA-DQB1 alleles
HLA-C typing of eleven Papua New Guineans: identification of an HLA-Cw4/Cw2 hybrid allele
Six new DR52-associated DRB1 alleles, three of DR8, two of DR11, and one of DR6, reflect a variety of mechanisms which generate polymorphism in the MHC
Apoptosis following interleukin-2 withdrawal from T cells: evidence for a regulatory role of CD18 (β2-integrin) molecules
Possible HLA association with susceptibility to HTLV-1 tropical spastic paraparesis in Israel in Iranian Jews as compared to HTLV 1-associated myelopathy in Japan
Nucleotide sequence of the corrected DQB1*06011 allele
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update May 1996