Functional significance of polymorphism among MHC class II gene promoters
Stimulation through CD50 (ICAM-3) induces both activation and programmed cell death of human thymocytes
African-American HLA class II allele and haplotype diversity
Significance of antibodies to streptococcal M protein in psoriatic arthritis and their association with HLA-A*0207
Inefficient assembly limits transport and cell surface expression of HLA-Cw4 molecules in C1R
HLA haplotypes and class II molecular alleles in Sardinian and Italian patients with pemphigus vulgaris
MHC class II alleles and haplotypes in patients with pemphigus vulgaris from India
HLA-A*02 subtype distribution in Caucasians from northern Italy: identification of A*0220
High resolution HLA-C typing by PCR-SSP: identification of allelic frequencies and linkage disequilibria in 604 unrelated random UK Caucasoids and a comparison with serology
Molecular analysis of HLA-B in the Malaysian aborigines
Molecular cloning of two new HLA-C alleles: Cw*1801 and Cw*0706
Unique HLA antigen frequencies in the Finnish population
A novel HLA-B allele, HLA-B*1803
A novel HLA-A*24 (A*2410) identified in a Javanese population
Identification of a new DRB1 allele (DRB1*1325) by PCR-SSP and DNA sequencing
HLA-A* 1104: a new allele found in a Laotian family
Nucleotide sequence for HLA-A *0221 which encodes a novel HLA class I polymorphic residue
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update August/September 1996