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Development of PCR-SSOP for the identification of HLA-A*02 subtypes and determination of HLA-A*02 frequencies within different ethnic populations
Identification of HLA-C alleles using PCR-single-strand-conformation polymorphism and direct sequencing
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High polymorphism of Mhc-E locus in non-human primates: alleles with identical exon 2 and 3 are found in two different species
Transporter associated with antigen-processing (TAP) genes and susceptibility to tuberculoid leprosy and pulmonary tuberculosis
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TAP polymorphisms in Swedish myasthenia gravis patients
Striking diversity of DR15 haplotypes in Croatians
A novel allele, Cw*1702 with serological Cw2 specificity
A novel DRB1*13 allele (DRB1*1327) on a DR17,DQ2 haplotype with a DRB1*0301 sequence motif in the 2nd hyperpolymorphic region
A new DRB1*15 allele (DRB1*1506) identified by sequence-based typing
Sequence of DRB1*1601