HLA-C heavy chains free of β2-microglobulin: distribution in normal tissues and neoplastic lesions of non-lymphoid origin and interferon-γ responsiveness
Characterization of rabbit antisera elicited with human LMP2- and LMP7-specific peptides and recombinant proteins
Screening of the TAP1 gene by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: detection and comparison of new polymorphisms between patients and controls
Cell surface phenotype and ultramicroscopic analysis of purified human enterocytes: a possible antigen-presenting cell in the intestine
HLA class I and class II allele distribution in the Bubi population from the island of Bioko (Equatorial Guinea)
HLA-B44 subtypes and the chance of finding HLA compatible donor/recipient pairs for bone marrow transplantation: a haplotype study of 303 Italian families
HLA polymorphism and probability of finding HLA-matched unrelated marrow donors for Chinese in Taiwan
A high-resolution genotyping method for HLA-C alleles and possible shared HLA-C-B haplotypes between Japanese and Caucasians
Fluorotyping of HLA-C: differential detection of amplicons by sequence-specific priming and fluorogenic probing
HLA class II associations in juvenile Graves' disease: indication of a strong protective role of the DRB1*0701,DQA1*0201 haplotype
Highly polymorphic promoter regions of HLA DQA1 and DQB1 genes do not help to further define disease susceptibility in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
Triplet repeat polymorphism within the NOTCH4 gene located near the junction of the HLA class II and class III regions in narcolepsy
Genetic polymorphism in intron 6 of the LMP7 gene in Japanese and its association with sarcoidosis
A new intercellular adhesion molecule-1 allele identified in West Africans is prevalent in African-Americans in contrast to other North American racial groups
A high frequency of Mamu-A *01 in the rhesus macaque detected by polymerase chain reaction with sequence-specific primers and direct sequencing
Characterization of an HLA-B62 variant (B*1538) exhibiting an additional B52 serologic reactivity
A new subtype of HLA-B57 (B*5704) found in African-American subjects
A new subtype of HLA-B55 (B*5504) has a hybrid nucleotide sequence between B*5502 and any of the alleles B*4002, B*4005, B*4801 or B*8101
HLA-B14 subtyping by semi-nested PCR-SSP and haplotype distribution in a Spanish population
Identification of the DRB1*1313 allele in a sibling pair
Identification of novel DRB1*11 (DRB1*11013, DRB1*1129), DRB1*08 (DRB1*0816) and DRB5* (DRB5*0107) alleles
A new HLA-DR14 allele, DRB1*1427, identified in the Mongolian population
Identification of a new DQB1*0613 allele in a family
High-resolution HLA-DQB1 typing using the polymerase chain reaction and sequence-specific primers
Nucleotide sequence of a new HLA DQA1*06 allele (DQA1*06012)
Mhc-E polymorphism in Pongidae primates: the same allele is found in two different species
Heirs of the jaguar and the anaconda: HLA, conquest and disease in the indigenous populations of the Americas