Functional characterization of HLA-DRA1*0101/DRB1*0401 molecules expressed in Drosophila melanogaster cells
Development and characterization of mouse anti-human LMP2, LMP7, TAP1 and TAP2 monoclonal antibodies
The expression and differentiation pattern of cell antigens and adhesion molecules on the nonadherent cell population in canine long-term marrow culture
Identification of a human heavy chain antibody fragment directed against human platelet alloantigen 1a by phage display library
Staphylococcus enterotoxin A modulates interleukin 15-induced signaling and mitogenesis in human T cells
Allelic diversity at the primate MHC-DMB locus
A first map of the porcine major histocompatibility complex class I region
Rapid haplotyping of mutations in the Duffy gene using the polymerase chain reaction and sequence-specific primers
Association between HLA-A1 allele and schizophrenia gene(s) in patients refractory to conventional neuroleptics but responsive to clozapine medication
Differential expression of HLA-A*02 subtypes in Colombian Blacks and Mestizos
Sequence of an HLA-B56 variant (B*5604) identified in the Korean Population
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update July/August 1997