The origin of Cretan populations as determined by characterization of HLA alleles
The South Amerindian allotype HLA-B*3909 has the largest known similarity in peptide specificity and common natural ligands with HLA-B27
Susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis is independent of the Bw4 and Bw6 epitopes of HLA-B27 alleles
Aberrant splicing of intron 1 creates a novel null HLA-B*1501 allele
β2-μ-free HLA class I heavy chain levels in sera of healthy individuals. Lack of association with β2-μ-associated HLA class I heavy chain levels and HLA phenotype
HLA-A33 and -B44 and susceptibility to postherpetic neuralgia (PHN)
HLA-DR-DQ alleles and HLA-DP alleles are independently associated with susceptibility to different stages of post-schistosomal hepatic fibrosis in the Chinese population
HLA-B locus sequence-based typing
Tissue distribution of the mRNA for a rhesus monkey major histocompatibility class Ib molecule, Mamu-AG
Cell surface expression of HLA-E molecules on PBMC from a TAP1-deficient patient
CTLA4 polymorphisms in Spanish patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Fluorotyping of HLA-DRB by sequence-specific priming and fluorogenic probing
Identification of a novel DRB1-allele (DRB1*0106) by sequence-based typing