The CBF.78 monoclonal antibody to human sialophorin has distinct properties giving new insights into the CD43 marker and its activation pathway
Relevance of individual CD5 extracellular domains on antibody recognition, glycosylation and co-mitogenic signalling
Molecular characterization of a novel human natural killer cell receptor homologous to mouse 2B4
Molecular analysis of HLA class I alleles in the Mexican Seri Indians: implications for their origin
An allelic non-histocompatibility antigen with wide tissue distribution as a marker for chimerism in pigs
HLA genotyping of 5,000- and 6,000-year-old ancient bones in Japan
Allele resolution of HLA-A using oligonucleotide probes in a two-stage typing strategy
High-resolution sequence typing of HLA-DQA1 and -DQB1 exon 2 DNA with taxonomy-based sequence analysis (TBSA) allele assignment
Association of HLA class II alleles with different subgroups of diabetes mellitus in Eastern India identify different associations with IDDM and malnutrition-related diabetes
HLA-DRB1*0403 is associated with dominant protection against IDDM in the general Dutch population and subjects with high-risk DQA1*0301-DQB1*0302/DQA1*0501-DQB1*0201 genotype
Histocompatibility antigens and alleles in Japanese haemophilia A patients with or without factor VIII antibodies
Characterization of a novel HLA-A*24 allele containing an HLA-A*03 sequence motif
Rose Payne 1909-1999
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update January 1999
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update February 1999
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update March 1999