Evolution of Pacific/Asian populations inferred from HLA class II allele frequency distributions
Multiple mechanisms underlie HLA dysregulation in cervical cancer
Cytomegalovirus-infected neuroblastoma cells exhibit augmented invasiveness mediated by β1α5 integrin (VLA-5)
A unique second donor splice site in the intron 5 sequence of the HLA-A*11 alleles results in a class I transcript encoding a molecule with an elongated cytoplasmic domain
CDw108 expression during T-cell development
The relationship between HLA-B45 and B*5002 in the five major U.S. population groups
Criteria to define HLA haplotype loss in human solid tumors
Susceptible locus for obese type 2 diabetes mellitus in the 5′-flanking region of the tumor necrosis factor-α gene
HLA-A*6817, identified in the Kolla Amerindians of North-West Argentina possesses a novel nucleotide substitution
Novel HLA-B*15 alleles identified in potential marrow donors
Identification of a novel HLA-B46 allele, B*4602, in Japanese
A new allele, HLA-B*1555, identified in an African patient awaiting bone marrow transplantation
HLA-DR51 expression failure caused by a two-base deletion at exon 2 of a DRB5 null allele (DRB5*0110N) in a Spanish gypsy family
The nucleotide sequence of a new DMB allele, DMB*0106
Identification of a novel HLA-Cw*05 allele, Cw*0503
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update January 2000