Associations of HLA microsatellites with rheumatoid arthritis in Singaporean Chinese

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Rheumatoid arthritis in Singaporean Chinese has previously been shown to be associated with the DRB1*0405, DRB1*1001 haplotypes and to the DRB1*0901 haplotype when the former two were removed. The present paper focused on eight HLA associated microsatellite markers (TNFa, TNFd, D6S273, TAP1CA, DQCAR, DQCARII, D6S2222, D6S2223) and their allelic associations with Chinese RA. 60 RA patients and 75 healthy controls were studied. It appeared that DQCARII*194/DRB1*0405/TNFa*117 was part of the extended haplotype predisposed to RA, whereas DRB1*0901/D6S273*128 contributed to susceptibility to RA to a lesser degree in Singaporean Chinese. Additionally, a negative association with DQCAR*186/DRB1*0301/D6S273*122/TNFd*124 was observed. No association with disease development was observed in this study.

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