High resolution sequence-based DPB1 typing identified two novel DPB1 alleles, DPB1*9401 and DPB1*9501, from a Kenyan population

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Two novel DPB1 alleles, DPB1*9401 and DPB1*9501, were identified from a Kenyan population during sequence-based HLA-DPB1 typing. Molecular cloning and sequencing of multiple clones confirmed that one of the new DPB1 alleles is identical to DPB1*0402 at exon 2 except for a single nucleotide substitution (CGG →TGG), changing codon 70 from Arg to Trp. The new allele has been named DPB1*9401. This is the first report of polymorphism at codon 70 of HLA-DPB1 alleles. New codon combinations have been identified in another novel DPB1 allele named DPB1*9501. The extensive diversity at DPB1 locus of this East African population is being revealed by high resolution sequence-based DPB1 typing.

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