The HLA Dictionary 2004
Allelic polymorphism in introns 1 and 2 of the HLA-DQA1 gene
New strategies for efficient typing of HLA class-II loci DQB1 and DRB1 by using Pyrosequencing™
A novel blocking monoclonal antibody recognizing a distinct epitope of human CD40 molecule
Association of interleukin-18 gene single-nucleotide polymorphisms with susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease
TNF-α-, TNF-β-, IL-6-, and IL-10-promoter polymorphisms in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Emerging new alleles suggest high diversity of HLA-C locus
Sequence of a novel HLA-A*0301 intronic variant (A*03010103)
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) – 373 A9T11 allele is associated with reduced susceptibility to chronic periodontitis in Japanese subjects and decreased serum IL-6 level
Extended DR3-D6S273-HLA-B haplotypes are associated with increased susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in US Caucasians
High-resolution sequence-based DPA1 typing identified two novel DPA1 alleles, DPA1*010303 and DPA1*0303, from a Kenyan population