Unraveling innate immunity using large scale N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea mutagenesis
Genomic characterization of KIR2DL4 in families and unrelated individuals reveals extensive diversity in exon and intron sequences including a common frameshift variation occurring in several alleles
Selective monomorphic and polymorphic HLA class I antigenic determinant loss in surgically removed melanoma lesions
Analysis of 250 HLA-B44 genotypes in European Caucasoids
Allelic and haplotypic diversity of HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB1, and -DQB1 genes in the Korean population
High-resolution genotyping of HLA-DQA1 in the GoKinD study and identification of novel alleles HLA-DQA1*040102, HLA-DQA1*0402 and HLA-DQA1*0404
HLA class II DPB1, DQA1, DQB1, and DRB1 genotypic associations with occupational allergic cough to Bunashimeji mushroom
Oligonucleotide microarray for HLA-DRB1 genotyping
Genetic study of ICAM1 in clinical malaria in Senegal
HLA antigens in Greek children with allergic bronchial asthma
A new HLA-A Allele, HLA-A*6824, identified in three unrelated individuals*
Routine HLA-B genotyping with PCR-sequence-specific oligonucleotides detects a B*52 variant (B*5206)
Identification of three novel HLA class I alleles
Bone marrow donor routine HLA typing identified a novel B*07 allele, B*0734, confirmed by allele-specific DNA cycle sequencing
A novel HLA-B*55 allele, HLA-B*5514, found in a DNA sample derived from a bone marrow donor
Identification of a novel HLA-DQB1 allele, DQB1*0314, by sequence-based typing in the Korean population
Peptide-binding characteristics of the novel allele DRB1*0112 are probably identical to DRB1*0101