Regulation of MHC class II expression, a unique regulatory system identified by the study of a primary immunodeficiency disease
Antigen-presenting cells expressing glutamate decarboxylase 67 were identified as epithelial cells in glutamate decarboxylase 67-GFP knock-in mouse thymus
HLA-E and immunobiology of pregnancy
Investigation of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor KIR2DL4 diversity by sequence-based typing in Chinese population
Optimization of the MhcOvar-DRB1 gene typing
Th1/Th2 cytokine gene polymorphisms in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
HLA-B27 testing in Thai patients using the PCR-SSP technique
HLA-DRB1, -DQB1 alleles in head and neck carcinoma patients
Gene frequencies of human platelet antigens in the Macedonian population
Identification of a novel HLA-B*44 variant (B*4441) in three unrelated Caucasian individuals
A new HLA-A allele, A*3113, identified by sequence-based typing in the Chinese population†
Sequence analysis of the novel allele HLA-B*070502†
Identification of a novel HLA-B*4608 allele in the Chinese population†
Identification of a novel HLA-B*51 allele, HLA-B*5137, in the Korean population
Characterization of a new HLA-DPB1 allele, DPB1*010103
Identification of a new HLA-DRB1 variant, DRB1*0451, in the Korean population†
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update October 2005
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update November 2005
Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system, update December 2005